Skating Classes

Synchronized Skating is all of that and much more! It's skating together, building a team, finding your own strengths, building off the strengths of others and most of all—IT’S FUN!

Synchronized Skating has a strong and rich history with the Clinton Figure Skating Club, and now is your chance to be a part of it. We hope to form one competitive team this year.

Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars will be a Synchro Skills One Level Team. Every skater on the team must have passed at least their Badge 2 test. This team will focus on technique and skill-building, they will also be an exhibition team-- skating in at least one local competition, along with ice shows and exhibitions.

Theatre On Ice

Theatre On Ice (TOI) is a form of competitive figure skating. It combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance. Teams consist of between eight and 30 skaters. The programs are judged by regular U.S. Figure Skating judges and are evaluated on technical merit and presentation with emphasis on originality, costuming, artistry and musicality. There are several TOI teams and TOI competitions around the country.

If you like to skate AND like theater, this is the team for you! Teams can incorporate all levels of skaters, as each skater is assigned a role in the performance. It is like a mini play on ice!

For more information, contact Coach Caitlin at 725-2437.