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Rules and Policies

  1. No food, gum or beverage on the ice.
  2. No tag, racing, fighting, climbing the boards or other misconduct either on or off the ice.
  3. Penalty boxes will be used for emergency stops only. The doors must be kept closed.
  4. Parents and non-skaters are not allowed in the “well” (entryway to the ice surface).
  5. Skaters are not allowed upstairs with their skates on.
  6. For safety reasons, skaters who are waiting to be picked up after skating must wait inside the rink.
  7. Skaters are encouraged to keep moving on the ice. Free skating time is to be used for practicing what was learned during the lesson. If a skater falls, it is very important to get up quickly to avoid further injury.
  8. Lockers (available for rental at the Arena Office) should be used to safeguard personal belongings.
  9. Skating attire: The temperature inside the Arena is usually comparable to the outside. So skaters should dress accordingly with comfortable, non-restricting clothing-no ponchos, capes, longtailed hats or long scarves. Mittens or gloves should be worn for safety reasons.
  10. Stroking is strongly encouraged for all Low, Middle and High level skaters.
  11. All parents are encouraged to remain at the rink while their child is skating, in case of an emergency.
  12. It is important that skaters/parents do not interrupt a professional that is giving a lesson.
  13. The following skaters have the right of way:
    • Skaters performing their program.
    • Skaters receiving a private lesson.
    • Skaters that are ice dancing to the announced dance.
  14. Each skater will be allowed his/her program played a maximum of two times during any Freestyle session.
  15. Each Professional is entitled to one program request per 15-minute lesson for a student or twice for a 30-minute lesson.
  16. Skaters may ice dance during Freestyle sessions; however, Freestyle skating is not allowed during a dance session.