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Clinton Figure Skating Club News

Ice Show News - March 2017

March 13th, 2017


Can you believe it???? It’s almost here!!! Ice Show is just days away. We want to say thanks in advance to all the skaters and parents for all of your extra effort, patience, cooperation and hard work. You’re the ones who make this show happen! We hope this newsletter will help tie together all the preparations for ice show week. Enclosed you will find: report times, room assignments, rules of conduct, and important information regarding our show. Please read over all information. We hope that this year’s show is as much fun for everyone as past shows have been. A big reminder, there will be no intermission this year. Skaters will stay for and participate in the entire show. Please plan accordingly.

In the Lobby:
During each show, vendors will be selling mementos and such in the upstairs lobbies.
Flowers: Buy your skater a beautiful bouquet for a job well done.
50/50 Raffles: Take a chance at some fast cash.
Auction: Bid to win some great gifts.
Program Books: Cherish the memories, sign some autographs. Buy a book.
Ticket Table: Return your ticket money at the beginning of each show from 6:15-7:00 on Friday and Saturday nights and from 1:15-2:00 on Sunday. If you need more tickets, contact Beth Allen, Kevin Lloyd or Brenda Rogowski.
DVD’s: Recordings will be available for purchase. Visit the lobby table for pre-orders.

Special Features:
Ice Show week Concession stand: Pre-ordered meals are available for skaters, coaches, parents and volunteers from the Arena concession stand Monday through Friday. Please see the concession stand to place your advance orders. Skaters will be at the rink long hours this week, please plan accordingly. Do not bring in food from outside vendors.

Ushers/Elevator operators: Ushers will be wielding the flashlights or assisting people in navigating the trip upstairs if needed. Elevators are available for those needing assistance.

Ice Show Admission Guidelines: Ice Show tickets (purchased in advance or at the door) are required for admission to EACH Ice Show performance. Seating is on a first-come basis, except for prearranged group seating that is reserved by the Ushers. Skaters are not allowed in the stands during the shows. Seats are for guests that have purchased tickets.

Volunteer/Committee Passes: Complimentary admission passes will be provided to persons who have signed up in advance to assist with specific duties and whose assignments have been confirmed by the Committee Chairpersons. The Club extends this token of appreciation for the extended time and services that many volunteers provide.

Parking Guidelines: We ask ALL parents of skaters to park at the designated lots where free parking is available at The Clinton Central School. Arena parking is for audience members ONLY. Paid parking will be available in the Arena Lot on a first come basis for a charge of $5.00. The front of the arena will be used for Handicapped parking and Drop-off.

Important Information:
• Program books will be available to purchase on dress rehearsal night for $2.00, limit one per skater. Normal price is $3.00.
• Don’t forget the annual Cast Party following Friday’s show at The Clinton VFW. Check for the poster at the Arena for details and don’t forget to sign up!!!
• Tights are available to purchase on Dress Rehearsal night or as needed.
• All Low, Middle and High skaters, tights must be footed. No over the boot or to the boot tights. And nude colored under garments are a must.

Backstage Personnel:
Room monitors have been assigned for each group. We are still in need of a few moms to help out. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Beth Allen @ 725-5236. No one will be allowed backstage without a pass starting Wednesday, March 29th

Rules of Conduct for Skaters and Volunteers

• No one is allowed backstage except skaters and volunteers who have signed up in advance. This starts on Wednesday, March 29th. No exceptions.
• Be prepared to stay for extra practices if the coach feels it is necessary. All skaters must be out of the arena by 10:00pm on rehearsal nights and MUST attend school on Friday, March 31st.
• Food and Beverages are NOT allowed backstage. (Water is OK)
• Please bring crayons, coloring books, or games to pass the time in the dressing rooms. Absolutely no markers or chalk.
• NO skater will be allowed upstairs in their costumes or skates.
• All costumes must remain in the arena at all times.
• Makeup will be applied for each show by our makeup staff.
• Our Principle skaters ONLY will be able to carry one small bouquet of flowers for the finale.
• All skates should be polished with clean laces.
• Arena Parking is for audience members only.
• Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Arena.
• No bobby pins allowed in hair. Barrettes Are Allowed.
• If your skater is ill, do not bring them to the shows. Rooms are small and germs spread quickly.
• Do not leave personal belongings in the dressing rooms overnight.
• Please send your skater in with their tights and skates.
• No parents are allowed in the well or on the ice surface at any time.
• Backstage is reserved for skaters and volunteers only. No Boyfriends/girlfriends will be allowed backstage.

Ice Show Week Schedule (March 27-April 2, 2017)
The week prior to the ice show is very busy…extra practices and a full dress rehearsal on Thursday, March 30 will insure that our skaters are prepared to put “their best skates forward.” Below are the report times and dressing rooms for each group in the show:

Room 1- High Skaters, seniors and guest synchro teams.
Room 2-All Boys
Room 3-The Theater-Dory
Room 4-The Stables/Detectives, Low, And Middle
Room 12-The Kitchen
Room 15-The Attic, The Garden, and Shooting Stars
Room 14- Clubroom- NH Style Class

Men are not allowed in girls dressing rooms. Women are not allowed in boys rooms.
Please plan accordingly

Report Times: Reminder, there is no intermission this year. Please plan accordingly.
Monday March 27
2:30-5:30 Open Freestyle
5:30-6:00 The Finale – Bridge, Low, Middle & High
6:00-6:30 Detectives
6:30-6:45 RESURFACE
6:45-7:15 Lake
7:15-8:00 The Dining Room
8:00-8:45 The Ballroom

Tuesday March 28 Every Group except Shooting Stars & Theater-Dory
Report time: 5:15
Start time 5:30

Wednesday March 29
Report 5:15pm
Run through start: 5:30pm
All skaters are to stay for FINALE practice.

Thursday March 30 Full Dress Rehearsal – Don’t forget your tights!
Report 5:00pm

Ice Show Schedule:
Night Shows: Friday March 31 & Saturday April 1
Report: 6:15pm

Matinee Show: Sunday April 2
Report: 12:15pm

We hope you enjoy this year’s production of Fantasy on Ice. We sure have! Want to be a part of next year’s show, contact any Committee member for more information. Prep starts in August 2017.
Think Olympic Year 2018!