Costs and Payment

Snowplow Sam ... $230.00
Basic Skills ... $310.00
Bridge Program FS 1 - 4 .... $360.00
Open Freestyle ... $570.00
Preschool / Home School Program ... $65.00
Associate (NON SKATER) ... $75.00
Basic Skills USFS Fee up to Basic 8 ... $12.00
USFS Fee ... $60.00
Second Member in Family (minus) ... $35.00
Three or More Immediate Family Members
10% discount off membership fees (excluding Synchronized Teams and Ice Show Assessment)
Synchronized Skating
Synchronized Skating Teams .... $150.00
Joint Membership
Joint Membership Fee ... $135.00
Joint Member Per Session Fee ... $135.00*
(for more information please contact the membership chair)
Drop-in Fee ... $15.00
College Student Alumni Membership ... $160.00
(For students not attending local schools;
fee includes unlimited drop-ins durning approved college breaks)

For more information contact Membership Chairperson Robin Klein at 542-2825.

*Additional Membership Fee — An Ice Show assessment of $75 for each individual member (maximum $100 per family) completes your member-ship fee requirement, payable through ticket sales at Ice Show, whether or not the skater participates in Ice Show. Unsold tickets and money must be returned at Ice Show. Contact the membership chairperson for information.